Yoga Imagery

Yoga is something I have adopted as a part of my lifestyle.  Not just the physical movement (Asana) but the ideas and way of thought about life and how to live it with grace and love have permeated how I relate to my clients and how I photograph them.  This has given me tremendous strength in knowing how to run my business from a place of love not fear, from a place of abundance and gratitude, not worry or grasping.

It is this dedication and love that I put into every session with my clients.

I love photographing imagery for people to promote themselves as fellow instructors, (Yes, I am a proud Yoga Instructor as well;) I love photographing Yoga events, and festivals, as well as Wellness Events near and far.

This gallery highlights my experiences with mixing two things that I love sharing, Yoga and beautiful imagery.  So please enjoy and feel free to contact us about any yoga or wellness Happenings that might need great imagery!

Yoga Gallery