Film Photography….WE DO THAT!

When I was first learning my craft, I had to learn how to shoot film, develop that film, then create my own prints in a stinky, wonderful place called a darkroom;)  I do still enjoy that smell and it reminds me of those late nights at Antonelli Institute; My headphones blaring out some motivating beat as I wondering from enlarger to developer tray and down the line.  I would anxiously carry the final image out into the light to inspect my handiwork.  It was I LOVED every moment of it, even late nights with tough deadlines.  This love of film never went away.

I still incorporate some film in my current jobs for clients!  The most notable would be a few rolls of 120 medium format film for a wedding to add that vintage flair that might really round out an album and act as a unique keepsake that blurs the modern look with the grainy hazy beauty that hints at another time…

I also offer a POLAROID PHOTO BOOTH for Wedding Receptions and Other Special Events!  Inquires can be made at OR simply reach out via the contact page!