Easter Bunny Pet Portraits

Is there anything cuter then the Easter Bunny and Your Fur Kid?

JOIN US APRIL 15th from 9-2 at Brandt’s Mill in Lebanon!!!

No APT Needed!

Film Photography….WE DO THAT!

When I was first learning my craft, I had to learn how to shoot film, develop that film, then create my own prints in a stinky, wonderful place called a darkroom;)  I do still enjoy that smell and it reminds me of those late nights at Antonelli Institute; My headphones ... Read More

Sweetheart Session

I will never forget Laura and Zach’s Sweetheart Session!  Excited to book their first shoot together as a couple, they jumped at the chance to do a snowy session in February!

We laughed for a solid hour in the snow, and then just as if by magic, the snow stopped right as our session ... Read More

Strack’s Tree Farm

I remember the first time I ever went to Strack’s Tree Farm, the smell of pine wafted up my nostrils and I was greeted with a friendly smile from Jeanne, one of the owners who reminded me of my own grandmother with her kind eyes and soft spoken demeanor. From the ... Read More


Hello and welcome to our crazy little corner of the world, where the laughter is contagious and the photographs are plenty!  We welcome you to follow our adventures, as we photograph pretty things/awesome people and generally try to live each day as the gift it is!

We hope you enjoy viewing our ... Read More