About Jordan Leigh

I adore being behind my camera, capturing great imagery. I started shooting film when I was 16 and soon after started spending all my free time in the darkroom. To this day, the smell of developer gets my creativity going….

I loved every minute of my time in the darkroom making magic as the image appeared on the paper. This is where my love of great imagery was born!

From crazy to everyday shoot locations I love to create some whimsy and softness with my images!  You will find that though I am not very serious during your shoot, I am serious about quality work and great customer service to both my commercial and portrait clients. I am a picky client myself, so I welcome detail oriented clients who expect the best!

I feel like this is my work.  My quiet life’s purpose to do for my time here.  I hope to impact people with the world through my eyes, and introduce them to the raw creative beauty in this world we live.

Things I Love

  • My Fur Kid Oscar who keeps me laughing!
  • My Vintage Rolliflex Camera in my hands
  • The feel of my yoga mat beneath my feet
  • Traveling and exploring new places, Near and Far
  • Laughing with friends until your stomach hurts
  • The mist of a salty breeze
  • A bouquet of daisies in a white vintage bubble vase.
  • Vintage Yellow Kitchen Decor from the 20’s
  • Red and aqua floursack linens
  • Fresh hot strawberries picked from the garden
  • French pedicures and cute flip flops
  • Comfy PJ Pants and sweatshirts


My work is organic, not overly handled or processed. Photoshop is used to enhance, not severely alter your images. I want to get it right behind a camera and not have to fix it at my computer if I can help it. Visual distractions and imperfections are fixed before I click the shutter whenever possible.

I shoot mostly on location because it offers a different shoot EVERY TIME, which allows people to be more at ease. I am always on the lookout for new locations, allowing me to make each shoot unique! Your own backyard, public park, carnival, bowling alley, or your favorite coffeeshop are the best places to capture genuine emotion which makes for better imagery.

(I do also have full studio equipment, so if this is something you need, I can create a studio nearly anywhere, including your living room if need be;)